Snap-on Basic Battery System Tester
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Snap-on Basic Battery System Tester

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Test autos, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and more

Comfortable horizontal handhold position, soft grips and easy-to-access buttons.
Menu and test results viewable on backlit screen.
Select from eight languages for on-screen commands.
Reverse polarity protection.
Displays % of cold cranking amps.
Patented conductance technology.
Test 12 V batteries.
Test batteries rated 100-1400 CCA.
Test standard and AGM batteries.
Ratings CCA, SAE, EN, IEC.
Detects battery voltage as low as 6 V.
Starter and alternator results voltage only.
S and A technician decision from voltage.
Power from battery being tested.
(3) cables and small jaw clamps.
Post/stud adaptors optional.
One Year Warranty.
Shipping box.
Optional soft carry case EECS550-CC.

Technical Support 800-388-6453.
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