Snap-on Digital Multimeter
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Snap-on Digital Multimeter

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LCD display—large, easy-to-read 2,000-count LCD display

On/off push button—push to turn the EEDM503C on and off.
Ohm function measure ohms to determine resistance of a coil or spark plug wire.
Continuity buzzer—test continuity of fuses, fusible links, components and circuits.
Diode test—use the diode function to test the diode pack on a typical alternator.
DC amps—measure DC current to determine the presence of a parasitic load. Measure current draw of branch circuits.
Data-H (Data hold)—lock reading on the display in hard to read locations or for future reference.
DC VOLTS—Use DC voltage to verify if the proper voltage level is arriving at a sensor of circuit.
AC Volts—measure AC voltage signals on digital MAF sensors, wheel speed sensors and vehicle speed sensors.
AC amps—measure the current draw of AC powered equipment in the shop.
Tilt stand—is built-in into the instrument housing.
Separate fuse/battery compartment—easily removed for battery/fuse replacement. Fuses are labeled with replacement number.
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