Anemometer xplorer 2 skywatch
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Anemometer xplorer 2 skywatch

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Skywatch Xplorer is honored to be the smallest and lightest anemometer on the market thanks to its compact size of 41 x 93 x 17 mm and its weight of around 50 grams. It can be carried comfortably everywhere, hanging from the neck with the included cord or in the pocket, without almost noticing it. Its design in plastic and stainless steel ensures high shock resistance. Besides, it is totally waterproof, making it suitable for all kinds of water activities.
The screen has backlighting for easy use at night.

Skywatch Xplorer features state-of-the-art Swiss technology for reliable wind speed measurements. Its turbine is sensitive to the lightest breezes and resistant to strong winds. The included lithium battery guarantees a long life before having to be replaced.

Skywatch® Xplorer is the perfect companion for enthusiasts of all kinds of wind sports such as paragliding, dinghy sailing and the different disciplines of surfing as it allows to know the wind conditions before starting the activity and the apparent wind while performing it. It is so small and light that can be worn hanging all the time while catching waves or performing maneuvers in the air.


- Current and maximum wind speed.
- Temperature and windchill.

Sensor specifications:

Wind speed
- Range: 0 to 150 Km/h
- Resolution: 0.1 Km/h
- Accuracy: ±3%

- Range: -50ºC to 100ºC
- Resolution: 0.1ºC
- Accuracy: ±0.3ºC

Electrical specifications:

- Power supply voltage: 3 VDC
- Battery type: 1 x CR2032 (lithium)
- Battery life: 30,000 measurements (approx.)

Mechanical specifications:

- Working temperature: -30ºC to 60ºC
- Material: plastic and stainless steel
- Dimensions: 41 x 93 x 17 mm
- Weight: 52 g
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