Snap-on Multi-Functional Thermometer -58–400 °F
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Snap-on Multi-Functional Thermometer -58–400 °F

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Temperature range of -58–400 °F covers extremes for a multitude of applications.
Overall length enables maximum reach of 6-15/64".
Magnet on the end of the protective sleeve can be used as a pickup tool.
Reads in Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C).
Can be calibrated in the field.
Snap-on® Instinct® handle.
Narrow tip steel shaft provides quicker readings than thicker shaft units.
Easy-to-read LCD display.
Data hold button holds readings especially in hard-to-see areas.
Handy pocket clip for easy access of the tool at all times
Auto power off (35 minutes).
Dual magnets on the pocket clip to mount to ferrous surfaces, such as a tool storage unit.
Slots in the pocket protector result in quick air temperature readings.
Verifies A/C and heating system temperatures to ensure proper functioning.
Checks vent temperatures to ensure proper system air flow to each vent.
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