Permanon diamond ready to use 500ml
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Permanon diamond ready to use 500ml

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Diamond seals your surfaces and protects them against contamination.

Diamond has been especially developed for the use on transparent/semi-transparent surfaces. Diamond ready-to-use solution can be relied upon for nearly any surface sealing that needs to be done. A clean, grease-free surface suffices. This highly developed and balanced product causes excellent adhesion to the material to be maintained and protected.

The product contains silicium and special water-based maintenance substances.

As a result of the treatment with Diamond the surface becomes even smoother and dirt has no chance of sticking, as it formerly was the case when the surface was rough. The product does not contain alcohol as a carrier substance, nor does it contain flour silanes or chemical silicon oils as solvents. Diamond is non-toxic; silicium adheres electrostatically to surfaces creating a long lasting protection film.
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