Cleat Polyamide Black 110x28mm
Cleat Polyamide Black 110x28mm

Cleat Polyamide Black 110x28mm

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A device that allows you to comfortably hold lashings, anchors, trailers and other ropes and cables. This model is black, 107.5 mm long and 22 mm high, it can be placed in various places on the boat, it is installed with two 5 mm screws. The duck is made of polyamide, which results in high strength, resistance to burning, and durability in high humidity conditions.

Material: Polyamide.
Manufacturer: Nu Radeova.
Country of manufacturer: Italy.
Length: 107.5mm.
Height: 22mm.
Color: black.
A: 107.5mm.
B: 22mm.
C: 16mm.
D: 29mm.
E: 5mm.
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