Roll Floor Protector Felt 100cm x 20m
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Roll Floor Protector Felt 100cm x 20m

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Waterproof and non-slip protective mat
Professional and safe solution for the protection of all types of surfaces.
Protective mat for floors made in 2 layers, 100% recycled fibers. One made of non-slip plastic and the other made of cotton.
Plastic layer: offers a secure support on the ground, avoiding movements during work. It is impervious to dust, liquids, paints, glues, plaster, etc.
Cotton layer: offers a great capacity for absorbing liquids. Dust retention. Protection of surfaces against blows or ladder marks.
Absorption capacity: 180 liters x coil.
Practical roll format, occupying minimal space
Quick and easy to spread without the need for adhesive tapes
Easy to handle, allowing you to cut it to the desired size
Saving time when cleaning and collecting
Reusable product
Ideal for painters, restorers and general maintenance work.
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