Block southco bettle white w/lock 10-16mm
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Block southco bettle white w/lock 10-16mm

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These low-profile push-to-close latches offer a practical solution for convenient, carefree operation on vertical or horizontal doors, panels, and hatch covers.Built-in spring-loaded pull serves as latch actuator and door handle through one continuous motion, then keeps panel quiet once it is slammed shut.Contemporary styling and construction makes this one easy latch to install and use. Simply install latch through single hole in panel and cinch up the rear-mount bracket with two mounting screws.Rugged polycarbonate/ABS body withstands repetitive use of slam-shut convenience.All pull handles are stainless Steel.Spring-loaded handles minimize noise or rattle due to vibration.Rear-mounting bracket cinches latch into hole, presents low-profile face without no exposed mounting hardware on face of panel.MP-03-110-770

White color
Panel thickness: 10-16mm
Plastic material
Measurements: 86 x 67mm
Model: With lock
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