3M Msking Film 06852 MF72 1.8x27.4m
3M Msking Film 06852 MF72 1.8x27.4m

3M Msking Film 06852 MF72 1.8x27.4m

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3M(TM) Hand-Masker Masking Film Plus (72 in x 90 ft.) Pre-folded, high-density, nonporous film for paint masking and paint overspray protection. Flake resistant for multiple coat use. May be used with lacquers. Product folds out to 72 in.

3M(TM) Hand-Masker(TM) Masking Film Plus, MF72-WH, 72 in x 90 ft x .4. 3M(TM) Hand-Masker(TM) Pre-folded Masking Film Plus is designed to resist paint flaking during multiple-coat applications. Paint overspray binds to the film, preventing it from flaking onto the first coat. A static cling feature helps keep the film in place in windy conditions or when using spray equipment. Once applied, the film unfolds to 72"
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