WÜRTH Heatproof Paint Spray Silver 400ml 650ºc
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WÜRTH Heatproof Paint Spray Silver 400ml 650ºc

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For painting areas where they have to be in contact with high temperatures
Quick drying and evaporation
Reduction of time spent in the repair or maintenance of the vehicle If necessary to
accelerate drying you can use a heat gun at maximum 250º C
Excellent filling properties and covering power
High filling power and less product to cover the surface to be repaired
High resistance to weathering and common engine dirt
High quality repair and durability
High chemical resistance against oils, greases, gasoline vapors, diesel vapors, gases and soot
You do not need a primer before application
Faster repair
Ready to use product complies with VOC regulations: 2004/42 Cat II B (e) 840 g / l Max VOCs 640 g / l.
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