Boero Giraglia 633 extra black 15L
Boero Giraglia 633 extra black 15L

Boero Giraglia 633 extra black 15L

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High quality antifouling with hydrophilic matrix. Thanks to its high content of copper compounds, an excellent anti-fouling power and a natural smoothness under any operational conditions is guaranteed. The product is effective in warm and temperate seas and in mixed waters. The controlled solubility of Giraglia 633 Extra allows suitably using it both on medium-speed hulls and on sailboats. It does not build up excessive thickness over time, wearing itself down during operations. The product meets the requirements of IMO (AFS/CONF/26) antifouling and is certified by the Rina and Lloyd’s Register boards.
It contains active substances compliant with the BPR regulation ((EU) regulation nr. 528/2012).
Only the white colour is suitable for alloy hulls.
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