Up6/oil gear pump for lubricating oil 12v marco

€295.60 -25%
(tax incl.)
Self-priming electric pumps with helical bronze gears for transferring lubricating oils and viscous liquids. Nickel-plated brass body and stainless steel shaft. Particularly suitable for draining engine sumps with the special tubes kit (OK1) and for engines lubricating operations.Product Name: UP6/OILVoltage (V): 24Consumption (A): 4Fuse (A): 7.5Self-priming (m): 1.5Pressure (bar): 5Flow rate ø 6 (l/min): 0.42Flow rate ø 8 (l/min): 1.2Flow rate ø 13 (l/min): 8Ports (BSP): 3/8"Hose (mm): 13IP Protection: 67Motor power (W): 180Weight (kg): 2.5